Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Cherub

This is another favorite of mine. I painted this for my mom and it is absolutely stunning framed over her fireplace framed in gold. I LOVE moss! I guess the Irish in me loves working with all the greens!

Girl in the Straw Hat

This is one of my favorites. I love everything about it. Again, thanks to Lisa Donovan for the photograph to work from. I think this is a perfect sample of a child's portrait, when there is still so much softness in the face.

Armstrong Children

This painting is easily one of the favorites over time. People love it! I loved painting the detail of the lace on the window treatment and the little girl's dress. I also loved adding color in all the shadows. Thank you to Lisa Donovan, beloved photographer in Columbia and Charleston, SC. and to the Armstrong's for choosing me to be their artist.

Child Jesus

I was commissioned to do this portrait for a worship album cover!

Lavendar Nude

This was framed "floating" so all the deckled edges of the watercolor paper were visible. Very pretty.


This fella was one of my first paintings in High School and unfortunately was never photographed without glass over the top...hence the glare streak! Oh, the magic of digital photos today. I love how easy it is to take photos now and upload them.. Everyone loves this guy. Me too!

Beloved Friend